Janet Mackay is a rockstar and influencer with an incredible passion and energy for creating a massive ripple effect of positive energy and awesomeness throughout the world. For over 12 years she has developed and operated children's summer camp program creating incredible experiences for thousands of kids and their families. She firmly believes that everyone has a platform to do amazing things for great people and became a #CAMPWITHAPURPOSE in 2014 following the loss of actor Robin Williams and executing a giant camp-wide spaghetti swim. Since then, her camp has granted 5 wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County, and continues support philanthropic efforts throughout communities. She is also excited to share what she is creating through her INPact Academy and DRIP Program!

Janet also has a passion for helping and coaching kids and adults, by offering tangible and educational tools to live their best life LIT UP from the inside....healthy, vibrant and unstoppable! She firmly believes that health is wealth, and fueling your body, mind and spirit consistently creates the energy, focus and internal motivation to "do the do" and live each day in "AWE"someness! With proof that the key of gratitude will open any lock to an abundant life!

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