Erica Horowitz has been deemed the Queen of Glam Productivity and is an uplevel coach for artists and creative entrepreneurs. She works with empowered individuals who consider themselves “recovering perfectionists,” helping them breaking free from Triple O Mode -- Overthinking, Overplanning, and Overwhelm, as well as shepherding them through periods of “upleveling” (ie. extreme growth) so that they let nothing stop them from living the kind of life they know they’re meant for.

She has a podcast called Uplevel Avenue that provides a fun, relaxing timeout for big-hearted gogetters where they can pour themselves a cup of coffee (or a martini) and tune in to musings on selflove and the happiness of pursuit.

Erica is also a singer-songwriter with a hip-hop/r&b album called “A New York Love Affair”, which can be found on iTunes and Spotify now.

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