As a Self-Love & Relationship Coach, it is Melissa's commitment that all women transcend people-pleasing & anxiety in love, learn how to choose themselves & prioritize their own that they can have the life they want and relationship they deserve. As a trained Coach & Spiritual Teacher, masterful Astrologer (she started reading charts in Middle School!), Speaker & SingerSongwriter, over the past 13 years Melissa has helped countless women break the cycle of heartbreak and self-sacrifice, overcome the fear of being "needy" or "too much," learn to communicate compassionately (& effectively!) & create win/win situations in all of their relating.

Having been on a personal growth journey for as long as she can remember, all that Melissa teaches is a result of lived experience - as a recovering people-pleaser with an anxious attachment pattern, herself, she suffered through years of heartbreak & rejection all while deeply wanting to be chosen by another. When she got that their was truly nothing wrong with her, learned how to make her own well-being her highest priority & began choosing HERSELF above any person or circumstance, she met the love of her life whom she married this past October. :) Melissa dares & inspires all who cross her path to discover the extraordinary things that can happen when they fall truly, madly & deeply in love with themselves.

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