Jay Chanthalangsy is the creator of the UTAI Movement--Unleash the AWESOMENESS Inside. He also created a 6-step process that helps people discover what their true awesomeness so they can unleash it to the world. Jay is a firm believer that we have AWESOMENESS inside that the world needs to experience and witness. Once we discover and understand what that is we can then share it with the world and create massive positive impact.

Jay's awesomeness is his vulnerability--something he was never able to be because of his upbringing. It was dormant, tucked away because in his family it wasn't tolerated. Breńe Brown says, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Jay now finally have the courage to let himself be seen and wants to remind you to have the courage to be seen, the world needs to see it, the world needs to see you!

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