V. Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration expert and small business funding strategist who focuses on Crowdfunding as a means of raising capital for business. She is CEO/Founder of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, and coaches her signature 5 Tiers of Accelerated Business Development. Lynn runs a 6-figure business growth Goddesspreneur DIAMOND Mastermind and the new Crowdfunding Hacker Mastermind, helping entrepreneurs create crowdfunding campaigns for business and social impact projects of all types. She believes when you give yourself permission to be successful, you’ve given yourself the gift of living a Victorious life. Lynn’s mission is to help increase the growing number socially conscious businesses. As host of the Crowdfunding Hacker WebTV Show, she gives entrepreneurs the chance to learn how to successfully crowdfund to raise capital, grow business and make what she calls ‘a residual impact’ from the efforts of a business crowdfunding campaign.

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