Originally from London and now based in Utah, Elliot is the Co-founder and Voice of the mindset coaching app Primed Mind. Primed Mind utilizes meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindset coaching to help users unlock their full potential.

Elliot is a leading expert in mindset optimization for high-performers whose clientele includes Olympic Medalists, UFC Champions, Hollywood Actors, Startup Founders, CEOs, and Wall Street traders, and Mind Sports competitors.

Elliot's poker clients have earned over $80,000,000 in tournaments (including winning the World Series of Poker Main Event), he has worked with startups to go from 0 to 8 figure valuations and has helped athletes who were told they were finished in their sport, to make comebacks that no one else thought possible.

His unique mindset coaching system leverages the power of hypnotherapy to eliminate debilitating fears and self-sabotage, allowing you to operate in a state of peak performance every day.

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