Through the journey of life Raya has explored many different types of healing modalities. Growing up on a beautiful farm in northern BC Canada with nature, horses, goats, cats, dogs and all the wild animals she has always had a strong connection to the grounding and healing energies of this lifestyle. Having worked with animals all of her life the connection runs deep into the roots of her soul. Raya began coaching and mentoring at a very young age. She mentored many youth through summer camp programs and community activities. In the 20 plus years in the counseling field she gained a lot of experience and knowledge working with children, youth and adults. Raya has always had a natural gift for working with people and animals. The vision she has for her work has been something that has been in progress for over 20 years. It is Raya's mission to take what she is most passionate about and what has helped her on her journey and bring it to the world in a unique non traditional way through Roots to Wellness.

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