Beverly Biehl is an Energy Alchemist, Coincidence Creator, and Intuitive Visionary. She uses a variety of tools to help her clients shift their perspectives on how their surroundings impact them. Simple things like improper desk placement, inappropriate headboards, and dusty piles of old paperwork can sabotage your finances, your love life, and even your health. She has been training with a variety of Feng Shui Masters ever since being introduced to the philosophy after a 2002 breast cancer experience.

Beverly is based in the Austin, Texas area, and has worked with many homeowners anxious to sell their houses or to establish strong boundaries for those with home offices. In addition, a wide variety of business owners have trusted her to assess their work places for
problematic energy, from garage door repair companies, assisted living facilities, clothing designers, and home goods. Once people
understand that what happens between their ears shows up in their physical environment, life has a way of showing what else is possible!

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