Intrepid explorer and entrepreneur Ludovic gets immense pleasure from working with companies on improving their sales, negotiation strategies and just the overall improvement of their operations in business.

Over the course of his career, Ludovic has worked with various industries such as real estate, finance, telecomm, cosmetics and banking. The satisfaction from seeing a client’s success in their business and in their personal life has brought him to work with companies of all sizes from larger companies to smaller one man operations.

Two years ago he decided to improve his life more and live his dream by traveling full time with his feathered flock. And that is when he decided to help people live their best lives not only by helping them in business but also by helping them improve their personal lives.

Having grown up in a mixture of a rough and tumble childhood and privilege, along with many lessons learned along the way, he now uses his experiences and skills to help people from all walks of life be happy.

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