Rick Bergen is the CEO and co-founder of the VIBRANZ, dedicated to improving vibrancy, health and wellness through products devoted to enhanced energetic and vibrational alignment.

Rick specializes in the field of zeropoint energetics and EMF protection. For many years he worked with the top scientists from NASA, ARIZONA State University, and with scientific and clinical specialists in Sports Medicine, Biomechanics, and Herbalphoresis as
well as a PhD and dean of a top University who specialized in plants and minerals that match and support human body frequencies and specific body parts.

These mentors and colleagues guided him to understand the energy maps of the body, brain mapping and raising consciousness with energetic products. His conclusion from these working relationships was that frequency balancing was the future of all healing.

He spent many years learning about the human energetic body and human blueprint frequencies to help balance and heal through new technologies grounded in the science of quantum physics.

He brought to this field of energy technologies 29 years of entrepreneurial experience and a proven track record of success, skill, and talent in the direct sales and multilevel industries. This expertise led him to found the popular and successful VIBRANZ company and its remarkable energy and conscious raising products.

Rick brought the unique energy technology found in ZeroPoint products to the average consumer who was seeking a way to manage the challenges and stresses of daily life, AND address the deeper health issues that can manifest from the big lives we all lead.

He continues to contribute to the ongoing healing work of VIBRANZ as its CEO and, along with his team of scientists and field researchers, persists in advancing the ZeroPoint Technology in exciting, new and inventive ways. With great respect and reverence, Rick listens to the whispers of the universe through science, technology and intuition to deliver a unique selection of the highest quality transformational products on the planet.

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