Connie Sands is a Wealth Coach to Women (aka...The Bad-Ass Bag Lady) who’s always been intrigued by how Women relate to their Money...the good and the bad. Connie likes to show women how they’re in a Money Relationship...and have been since their first luscious paycheck. Women are all about relationships. It’s in their DNA. So, recognizing this relationship and showing their Money the LOVE is emotionally satisfying, life-enhancing, and fabulously empowering. Other partners may come or may go...but Money is the
ONE partner that will always have your back, if you show it the love.

Connie helps women get rid of Money fears and doubts, and find their hidden Money Confidence. Personal connection and showing their Money the TLC is what puts the HOT into a Money Relationship. So, why would a woman WANT a HOT Money Relationship? Because it’s a relationship that can give her the options, choices and freedom to live the life she wants with no guilt, shame or embarrassment.

The thought of helping women break through their Money blocks is what excites Connie. It's a mission that never gets old.

With her well-spring of money life experience, real life resources, and sense of fun, she’s here to shake up your relationship with your money — while making it feel less nerve-wracking and uncomfortable and helping you grab more Money Confidence.

And when she’s not writing, creating or speaking, you can find her indulging in exploring her new hometown of San Diego, seeing fascinating arthouse films, and every blue moon she is on a plane to Paris, Mexico, or Rome.

Here’s to a whole new adventure!

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