Andres's mission: To teach people how strong communication and closing skills can lead to the life of your dreams. Because everything is sales. Andres Ospina started selling at the age of 17 when he got his first sales job selling cutlery and high end knives. From there he transitioned into the world of network marketing and built a thousand person team in 7 different countries, by the age of 23. Where he learned the power of personal and leadership development. He lost it all when the company was fined heavily by the FTC and the company went under. He moved to South Florida and was hired as a sales director for the Company, the New York Times Best Selling Author, T Harv Eker founded and created. Peak Potentials and the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Since then Andres has lead sales efforts, workshops, event production, with speakers like Lisa Nicols, Nick Vujicic, Kevin Harrington, and more. Today Andres is the Director of Charter Membership for Family Office Club connecting centi-millionaires and billionaires with tech startups, charitable organizations, and environmental sustainability projects. The conference industry has allowed Andres to sell directly to different cultures and regions around the world, supporting and adding value to everyone from your average health and life coach, to your fortune 500 executives, to billionaire families looking to solidify a legacy, across all verticals and niches.

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