Patrick Cullinane is a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses and developed several software applications in the logistics and supply chain industries. His newest project is a company called Zipi which develops software and services in the real estate space. Patrick also serves on the board of 1Life Fully Lived, a non-profit geared towards helping young people find their passion through the entrepreneurial spirit and to dream, plan and live their best lives.

Samantha Cullinane began her career climbing corporate ladders to achieve the rank of Chief of Staff to the President of an international five-billion-dollar company. Eventually, she also took to entrepreneurial endeavors – starting a few businesses and then joining Patrick and now they build businesses together. She has served as the CFO for multiple corporations. Sam is a songwriter and recording artist. Sam also serves a women’s mastermind, Symmetry7.

Sam and Patrick have been married for over twenty years and they would tell you they are one of the happiest couples they know. But they weren’t always this happy. After ten years of marriage, they signed the divorce papers. During the first ten years of their marriage, they struggled through like most people do: trying to navigate life together without any real tools, realizing they were in many ways opposites, fighting often, having sex less and less, distrust and jealousy rearing their ugly heads, and what they believed was falling out of love. They were under tremendous pressure, as many families are these days, raising their two children and each of them pursuing their rigorous careers.

After a year apart, against all odds, they decided to get back together. Since then they’ve grown their love, their bond, and created an amazing life together. They became students of love and they never looked back.

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