Abigail Tiefenthaler is a mother, wife, brand influencer and former corporate marketing manager who started a home-based business 23 years ago. She launched a promotional products distributorship that grew quickly and grossed $1.2MM her 2nd year, putting her in the top 5% of her industry. She attributed her success to one simple strategy. Ask for a seat at the table; show up as a problem solver and the business will come. And it did.

Seven years ago she refocused from logoed merchandise back to her marketing roots. Using foundational marketing practices that led to successful launches, rebranding, and market share increases she started working with coaches and small businessowners helping them create branding that is authentic and compelling, marketing that builds trust with their ideal clients and establish sales conversations that bring in more customers, and makes the business more money.

Her belief is, “Build a brand and you will build a business.” She offers practical solutions that are custom to the specific goals of each client. There is no one size fits all brand or marketing solution and Abigail is not afraid to get her clients to implement the right next steps for their business and not necessarily the steps that everyone else is doing.

The one promise she makes to her clients is that once they have a clearly defined brand message and positioning that they’re ready to launch to their community their marketing and sales activities will be focused and simplified and they will experience better results from these efforts and most importantly, feel more joy in their business.

You can learn more at www.launchesmadesimple.com

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