Josh is on a mission to make mental health a conversation we can openly have. In his late 30’s, he had become a depressed, anxiety ridden, newly diagnosed bipolar, alcohol dependent guy. Stress from his television career and shameful financial ruin from a failed tech startup finally caught up with him. To silence the mental pressures, he came inches away from ending his own life.

Mental struggles are shrouded in dark stigmas but they don’t have to be. You are not flawed, broken or to be shamed. You are in fact quite normal. The modern world is triggering the crap out of our brains and we just haven’t been taught how to manage it all mentally yet.

Josh is passionate about coaching people because we absolutely can live healthy and balanced lives. You may not know it yet, but you have the power to re-wire your own brain! Giving you the freedom to have an incredibly happy and fruitful life, one that is of your own design.

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