Catherine Just is an award winning photographer, artist and activist who travels the globe Capturing the breath, heartbeat and pulse of the planet with her 4x5 camera, Polaroid, Pinhole and other film cameras. Through her artist retreats, courses and her own artwork she teaches and inspires others to express their internal landscape through the medium of photography. She believes that the truth lives *in-between the words* and that creativity is a portal into the expansiveness of all there is. She's most interested in what's happening in the "river beneath the river". Catherine is the founder of the Max Harrison Foundation. Bringing photographers together around the world to teach kids with Down syndrome how to use cameras for self expression. She believes it's important not only to provide opportunities for kids to celebrate themselves and their lives through creating images, but to highlight that these kids are not just a diagnosis, but are valuable beings with a unique and individual point of view. Breaking down old stereotypes and creating a new paradigm. Photography as medicine for theplanet.

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