Jake is an empowered.

As a TEDx producer, he’s organized 15 TEDx events with 250 speakers. 168 of these speakers sat down for an on camera interview the moment they walked off the TEDx stage, creating a database for advice.

Jake is the Co-Founder of Speaker Angel, a speaker marketing agency that helps social good entrepreneurs land bigger stages like TEDx, and market themselves better through a powerful video reel, press kit, and one pager.

He has worked in filmmaking projects with speakers and travelled to eight countries doing so. The latest was helping TEDx speaker Joyce Tannian and her Water Is Life Kenya project, which provides water to 50,000 Maasai Kenyans every single day.

Jake is a racial and gender equity activist. He has spoken several times and served on nonprofit boards for this, specifically around dismantling whiteness.

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