Paula Brown of Chi-Lightful is a Heartist; She gets leaders UNSTUCK. An intuitive quick sketch Artist and Purpose Coach. Leaders hire Paula to literally and figuratively draw out the True North heartbeat of their purpose. Her purpose was born when her own heart stopped beating. She Sketch Quests the “heart” of communications, goals, and big ideas. Former Brand Creative Director for international clients, she marries both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover and clearly show their STORY. Paula guides clients into “seen”; freed from the frustration of knowing their vision and not being able to communicate it. “Purpose Questing” goes beyond mere pictures to find the “invisible energies” that bring us together. Her purpose coaching creates opportunities of discovery and “safe change” with her unique process that includes both strategic (mind) and alternative (heart / emotional) methods. Paula brings many years of sharing her expertise of alternative energetic tools to help her clients break free of old patterns, limiting ideas and emotions. She uses the ancient intuitive healing philosophy of Huna (official Hawaiian Shaman / Teacher), the ancient harmonic tools of feng shui (Black Hat), and heart communications with animals and nature. Paula’s best-selling book “Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng ShuiTM.” (US, Canada, UK, translated to Italian) shines her intuitive tools and blue sky questing within and beyond the visible world.

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