Nadika prides herself in being an intuitive & a bit of a modern day hippie. She has studied an array of alternative types of healing, that she swears, has transformed her life & the lives of the people that she has had the honour of working with.

She has been an Entrepreneur from a young age which lead her down several different paths of financial success. But she says, there was always a small piece missing from the puzzle. As Nadika explored, seeked, and delved deeper within herself, she found the true essence of her being….which is what ultimately enhanced her levels of love, connection and joy.

She mastered bridging the gap from “getting what she wants” to “attracting what she deserves”.

She claims that what she is attracting into her life is far grander than what she ever imagined possible for herself.

She says she learned how to get out of her head and into her heart.

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