Cambria is a Life Coach, which translated into English, means a great listener, your biggest cheerleader and an accomplice in you having everything you desire to live a fulfilled life. She has a proven track record. using the Law of Attraction, time-tested Personal Development Techniques, Abundance Principles and a whole mountain of love, humor and care. She holds multiple coaching certifications, is a best selling author, and is the Operations Director for a Personal Development Academy.

In her off time, she is a wife and also a mom to two wild and wonderful boys. She has scaled mountains, flown airplanes, sailed ships, operated cranes, and dove to great depths for pleasure and science. She is clear that you have all of your own answers and coupled with her keen intuition, skill at asking you poignant questions, and a tool bag full of practical techniques; you can make the shifts that put the reigns of life back into your hands!

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