Amanda Heisman, CHHC, is a Nutrition Intuitive & Energy Embodiment Coach. She teaches Intuitive Eating & Eating for Energy, while exploring the spiritual & emotional sides of Nourishment, and channeling the needs of the Nourishment Body. Amanda hails from the great state of Ohio, spent 18 months digital nomading recently, and now resides back in south Florida. She discovered her passion for health & wellness accidentally on purpose when a car accident rendered her physically and emotionally "stuck." The marrying of Amanda's formal training and intuitive ability provides deep transformation... A stepping away from diet & restriction mentality and into one of Nourishment Truth. She loves exploring subjects such as: Colors that Nourish, Foods that Sing, and The Dance of Digestion. Because Intuition and Nutrition are a match made in Heaven... Amanda explores the energy of your Health Potential... and helps you bring it to form and harmony.

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