Kate is from a small island in Australia called Tasmania and she has been seeking for that “missing” something in life for as long as she can remember.

She was introduced to the teachings of OSHO and his work at a very young age through her beloved Uncle, who was a disciple of his in India and USA.

Along the way to discovering this truth there were a few speed bumps! A childhood subjected to psychological and emotional abuse lead her on a detour into a world of drugs, homelessness, mental
illness and mindless partying.

Intuitively she knew the only way to heal the world and end suffering was to first do it within her own life. She spent over a decade learning tools so I could transform my own life.

Knowing and overcoming her own darkness has allowed her to pass on the skills she learned from masters, gurus, yogis, monks and teachers from all over the world. Despite all of this deep spiritual work she was always drawn to business and always seemed to find myself running businesses her whole life. In 2017 she combined her love for deep spiritual work, visionary medicines and business and she founded Ancient Awakening with no capital and in 2019 it became a 7 figure business. Over a one year period from 2018 -19 the total revenue of the company grew by 800%.

Kate now guides other conscious leaders to dive within themselves through her plant medicine retreats and birth conscious businesses into the world through her conscious business and money programs.

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