Isabelle Peyrichoux, Founder of Brilliant Seeds, is a Career Reinvention Coach. She has helped hundreds of people leave jobs they hated to find careers they love. Passionate, deep and empathic, Isabelle has an amazing talent to see and champion people’s unique gifts.

Isabelle walks the talk. Never one to shy away from a career reinvention, she has 2 Master’s Degrees, a 2-year Certificate in Psychotherapy, and she most recently became a Certified Professional Co-active Coach through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). After 10 years working in the Internet industry as a User Experience researcher, she founded Brilliant Seeds to pursue her life’s work and bring her unique talents to the world.

Drawing upon her vast experience and education, Isabelle has created a step-by-step approach to career reinvention that goes beyond the limitations of traditional career counseling. Her holistic approach brings together the best of coaching, counseling, psychology and personality types.

For the past 20 years, she has made many of her dreams a reality, including moving from France to Canada and now the U.S., becoming bilingual, working for one of the biggest Internet companies in the world, climbing the highest peaks in the U.S., and, of course, changing careers to pursue her passion and start her own business.

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