Welcome Stacy. Stacy Meredith Cohen is a retreat designer for high-level coaches and teachers who are developing their live-in-person experiential retreats and transformational opportunities.

Stacy has spent over 20+ years creating retreats all over the world. Her wisdom comes from her many years in progressive education, as a high school dean of students creating programs in counseling, leadership, advisory and service immersion.

Stacy is passionate about people living their fullest and best life. She developed the love for cultures and the planet through her father who couldn't bring her to the world, so instead he brought the world to her by taking Stacy to tons of different restaurants all over Manhattan. He would tell her how much more alike we all are on the planet than different. This gave Stacy a love for humanity that she weaves through all she does.

Retreats are Stacy's art and passion.

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