Veronica Rozenfeld Bio Veronica Rozenfeld is a CEO of You Rise movement, accomplished speaker and clarity mentor. When you clearly know who you are and what is next for you, you rise to your greatness and step to your destiny. Veronica speaks on how to create breakthrough and momentum in your life and business through clarity and energy work. Veronica helps business owners and professionals build deep clarity of what is next for them, clarity that doubles their income and saves millions of dollars along with decades of their time and energy. She is privileged to advise entrepreneurs of multimillion dollar and small companies alike, corporate professionals and everyone in between. Veronica helps people like you, create a vision for your business and life and remove subconscious blocks from your childhood to instantly get you to the life you’ve always wanted. Being a 4th generation intuitive, proud mom of two amazing kids, having a finance degree and over 12 years’ experience in Corporate America, Veronica combines energy work, business advice, and her life experience in a unique process that works like a clock, every time. In 2017 Les Brown presented Veronica with the most outstanding life coach and energetic healer award of a year.

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