Krisztina Farkas specializes in supporting highachieving, heart-centered women so that they can be joyful, powerful and connected in their relationship and their life. She is the President of the Cherished Institute, holds a Master of Science degree and has 20 years of experience in human potential enhancement and relationship dynamics.

She leads the Get Cherished, Stay Cherished Relationship Summit, and has been interviewed for several global online events sharing the stage with leaders like Dr. Sue Morter: Quantum Field Advisor to NASA, Emily Rosen: Founder of the Psychology of Eating Institute, Love Expert: Arielle Ford, to name a few.

In her group programs and VIP work, Krisztina has supported 7 figure business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, C-level executives and many more women, to have an extraordinary relationship with their life partner!

Krisztina also believes in giving back, she is a regular sponsor to the Unstoppable Foundation and provides thousands of dollars a year in scholarships to determined women on the rise.

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