Wren Barnes was born in Northern CA, & raised in rural East TN.Got her Bachelors in Business Administration from UCF, her film acting degree from Manhattan, NY. She is an award-winning screenwriter, an award-winning actress and in the the process of launching her first book.Her book focuses on how to set boundaries to reach your goals.

She is sometimes in front of and other times behind the camera but mostly working on the business side before cameras ever are on the ground. She specializes in understanding the creative roles in filmmaking in conjunction with contracts, banks expectations, distribution, marking, finance, accounting and so many other pieces to put together a high budget Independent film....Ultimately taking your vision or dream and turning it into reality. Wren uses strategy and forecasting to best prepare each project for profitability and success.

She specializes in getting film funding 'in hand' for even first time screenwriters or filmmakers. Personally she enjoys cooking and swimming everyday as well as to travel.

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