After having coached over 250 clients, one-on-one, and leading a small international company to cross-border expansion as Chief Culture Officer, Annette felt a calling to get the message of Sacred Gifts out into the world for executives, individuals, and teams. She left her fast-paced role and ventured, once again, into entrepreneurship. Having previously built a multi-coach coaching practice with a licensed program for coaches across North America, Annette was ready to take the knowledge from those experiences and apply it to something of deep meaning to her: helping others to Discover Their Sacred Gifts and to apply those gifts to create greater work and life satisfaction.

She is an international speaker, trainer, and coach, and teaches on the topic of gifts and purpose, providing a fresh perspective on meaning and purpose. She is a mom to 2 girls, has been married for 14 years, and is committed to creating a life by design - and showing you how you can, too.

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