Sarah Lenzini works full time as an aerospace engineer and is also a certified assertiveness coach for women. Her business is called The Assertive Woman and her mission is to empower women to confidently express their truth so that they can have happier and more intentional relationships. During her childhood, she was conditioned to be a passive, shy doormat due to verbal and emotional abuse and didn’t know what was and was not okay treatment from others as she grew up. She started to pursue and choose unhealthy and abusive partners to date and truly embodied the quote “we accept the love we think we deserve.” It wasn’t until she finally had enough tears and unhealthy relationships that she took action to start looking deeper and heal herself and her self esteem from the inside out. Things started to click for her over time and she transformed into the assertive woman she is today and is passionate about sharing her story with others and the mindset shifts and skills she learned along the way.


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