Leslie Klatt is the founder of Lavish Life - where her clients are set up in life and business, to balance their responsibilities, all the adulting, and business commitments, with what they want to do to create a rich and fulfilled life. She works one on one with clients who are just starting businesses to get them started on the right foot, all the way up to multiple 6 figure income earners who are ready to get organized, set priorities, goals and take their business to the next level. She has also launched Lavish Life VIP Academy, a group setting with access to her online Academy, where she trains regularly on her methods of life and business balancing and social media marketing strategies, giving her clients results beyond their expectations. She has a published yearly planner and her workbook entitled "Life's Mosaic" that walks you through priority setting, defining success, mapping out goals and scheduling a balanced life. She is a wife, a mom of 2, an equestrian, a musician, a farmer, a lover of all things Martha Stewart and a Business and Life Coach!


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