George has over twenty years of experience in financial planning. He is devoted to staying on the cutting edge of tax planning and investments strategies. As a young man, he learned integrity, commitment, service, and excellence achieving Eagle Scout rank. George has been recognized by the financial industry, community and his peers for these contributions.

  • Recognized "Texas Financial Leader" Forbes June 2014
  • Named "Five Star Wealth Manager" Texas Monthly 2009, 2010, 2012
  • Featured "Dallas / Fort Worth Financial Section" Forbes 2011
  • Recognized Riter C. Hulsey Award Winner 6 years for his integrity & loyalty to clients

George forms relationships by choosing investments and planning techniques that lead to his client's confidence in their future. The main test is "Can he instill confidence in his clients at the end of the day?" George’s job is to make sure he can. Helping you with life’s challenges - that’s George’s commitment to you!


Sam Crowley is a former electrical engineer, college educator and currently business consultant for Small Business Owners who want to create the highest value for their customers so they can gain the highest value from their enterprise. This begins with becoming tax efficient or paying the lowest legal, moral and ethical tax possible. These savings are then redirected back into the business to improve productivity, marketing, sales and life in general for the entrepreneur. Financial Gravity is a public company with over 200 agents in offices around the US helping entrepreneurs in the $1M to $20M gross revenue category.


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